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Casino High Roller Bonuses Explained

You’ve probably heard the term high roller, but do you know what it really is? High rollers are casino players who spend a great amount of time and money in a casino. Even when they win big, they are quite profitable for the house, which makes them casino favourites.

Once a casino identifies a high roller, they will start offering the player high roller bonuses, which can come in the form of exclusive comps, stay at the hotel, drinks, meals and even free money to play with. Of course, this comes only for those who can afford to place big wagers and who spend a lot of time in casinos, not for the regular player who’s trying his luck at the roulette table.

The high roller bonuses are understandably attractive and rightfully called a VIP treatment. High rollers are of vital importance for a casino – they can spend millions wagering, so casinos are not likely to let them leave and spend their money elsewhere. High rollers usually play fast-paced games such as roulette, craps or blackjack, so most of the high roller bonuses are tailored for these games. It goes without saying that these players also get VIP suites, meals, and drinks “on the house”.

Besides these comps, high roller bonuses often include bonus money after big deposits. For example, a casino may cover a high roller’s wager up to 100% or give them enough chips to spend the night at the casino without spending a dime. Depending on your bet, you could be looking at a $500 or more – the bigger the wager, the bigger the bonus. At some casinos, there’s no limit to the bonuses, meaning that high rollers can easily get quite a large amount of money and cover their losses. In cases of celebrities or VIPs, casinos grant them an immediate high roller bonus as it boosts their image.

Of course, the high roller bonus varies from casino to casino and depends on numerous factors. A casino will grant a bonus to high rollers depending on their frequency of play, the amount wagered or how likely they are to become a regular customer. The bonuses are pretty high, so casinos aren’t likely to grant you one after a night spending a few thousand dollars. Be steady, however, and you might find yourself in a VIP suite soon. The high roller bonus is only for the boldest players, so if you don’t think you can spend that much, take it down a notch.

Just like in land-based casinos, online casinos have VIP packages and high roller bonuses you can claim. This website has a pretty decent list of online casino bonuses. Make sure to read the T&Cs first, however, as there are certain requirements you need to fill before you can claim the biggest bonus of them all. Only do it if you’re ready to spend a substantial amount of money – if you can’t take being a high roller, don’t become one on purpose, or you’ll find yourself without a dime in your pocket soon enough.


There are now a vast range of games available for players now such as blackjack, roulette and of course slot machines. These are freely available now for online players. They can also be found in all casinos floors across Las Vegas and the world. They are an extremely popular game of choice as they are a low wager game with the possibility of a large Payout. The machine pays when the same symbols appear. The popularity of slot machines stems down to the fact that is requires no skill and therefore is an attractive option to anyone going into a casino. You can play all these casino games from Betfair here. The most common slot machine is the regular simple three reel but there are also other variations such as a five reel. Check the gif below to see the process of using one of these machines.

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